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LearnWorshipGuitarSongs.com enhances your worship guitar journey  with many new and popular songs beautifully taught by Dean Palacio. All guitar tutorials are specifically designed to help you play your favorite songs on just an acoustic guitar accurately and easily ... right along with the original song. Browse around and check out the free demos and if you have any questions, use the "chat" box at the lower right ...we are here to help ... !
Our video tutorials show you how to play popular worship songs that are being played in churches worldwide like How Great Is Our God, Good Good Father, What a Beautiful Name, Great Are You Lord to name a few. We take what is done with a whole band with many instruments and strip it down to just an acoustic guitar. Whether you're in a worship band or you just want to learn for yourself or a small group, these videos break it down to the simplest steps. Some of the best worship times are experienced with just you and your guitar!

Check out the FREE DEMO to see how it works and see just how cool this is! All the tutorials and detailed instruction to get you playing these songs easily, accurately and quickly ... you'll be amazed how quick you pick this up ... just like the original song, with only a guitar!


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Our lesson library is continually growing of today's most popular worship songs!
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With videos, instructionals, "Chart Follow" song sheets and
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Learn Worship Guitar Songs features high quality, professionally recorded video and audio production on all of our videos so you can learn the song correctly with just your guitar exactly how it is played. We feature a unique "Over the shoulder" video shot of the chord hand allowing you to see the chord played as you see your own hand on the strings!

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We remove the frustration of not being able to hear or pick out the right chords, strum pattern, voicing and tempo by going over the entire song top to bottom, including a unique "Chart Follow" video that shows you exactly where you are on the chart following the song. We cover chord shapes and strum patterns in an easy and concise short video tutorial that gets right to the point.

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Learn Worship Guitar Songs provides the luxury and convenience of a personal song teacher that very affordable! Save time and money by following the simple to the point instructional videos that gets you learning these songs confidently all in one place without searching all over the internet or Youtube


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