Learn the Acoustic Guitar, Chords, Shapes, Road map and Strum Pattern part for each full length song!

We take pride in having accurate chords, arrangement and strum patterns for every song. Learn the songs exactly as they're played by the original artist, with play along, detailed instructional tutorials and song sheets (Charts) that work for beginners and experts. We even go over alternate ways to strum and chord each song, different keys based on vocal range male or female all based on your skill level.



 - The Main Features and Benefits -

See how quickly and easily you can learn these popular songs and make it sound amazing with just an acoustic guitar!


 Song Catalog Library

Learn Worship Guitar Songs has a growing list of acoustic song tutorials. Search from some of the most popular worship songs being played in churches world wide. We will continue adding new feature songs frequently that are widely known throughout the churches to stay on top of what is current so you can use these songs to minister to others

Play Lesson & Instructional

Each video comes with a play along demonstration as well as an in-depth instructional lesson so you get every detail you need to learn songs. We also feature our "Over the Shoulder" view allowing you to see exactly how YOU see your own chord hand on the strings. Since many of these songs are played with a whole band, it's important to know that subtle details that make it sound full and amazing with just your guitar and voice.


High-Quality Video

Each video lesson is hi-resolution and well crafted. When you are trying to learn how to play a new song it matters that you can see and hear every detail of what is being taught, from image to audio and on screen graphics.


Lyrics and Chords

Chord/Lyric charts are key to learning parts accurately. Our chord charts feature the correct chord over the correct word so you know exactly when to switch from one to the next. We also explain capo positions and keys!


Web Mobile

Learn and listen on the go - Compatible on all devices: Microsoft Windows PC, iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Tablets - pretty much anything that has a display and internet connection!


Song "Chart Follow"

Do you get lost or lose where you are while reading the chord chart? This is a unique feature we call "Chord Follow" highlights the chord changes and road map as the video plays through to keep you on track with where you are on the song. This is very handy when learning a new song you have never played before.