How To Play “How Great Is Our God” – Instructional

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This instructional video explains and breaks down how to play "How Great Is Our God" into the following simple steps:

  • Key of Song
  • Tempo & Time signature
  • Capo position
  • Chords used and how to shape them
  • Strumming Pattern of verse and chorus
  • Other various helpful hints, tips and info

Additional Song Information

Themes: Kingship, Majesty, Praise, Worthiness
Alternative Titles: The Splendor Of The King, The Splendour Of The King
Copyrights: 2004 sixsteps Music songs Wondrously Made Songs
Catalogs: sixsteps Music Wondrously Made Songs songs
Administrators: Capitol CMG Publishing, Music Services, Inc.
CCLI Song Number: 4158039


Song Sheet Information

Key: C# (Original Key)

Tempo:  76 | Time - 4/4

Capo: Fret 1 - (For Key of C no capo)

Notes: Strum Pattern


This is "Chart Follow" video which will enable you to play the song guiding you through the "Chart" chord changes and road-map chord by chord as you play down the song. Hit PLAY - You'll find it helpful! Let us know what you think!

Use this handy Guitar Chords tool to try alternate chord voicings

Guitar Chords

A major

Chords used In this song:


(PDF song sheet download - Click on song sheet choice - Opens in New window)

"How Great Is Our God" song sheet download